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Massage Therapy

Stress has a significant and negative part to play in our lives... and unfortunately, is unavoidable. Our fast paced lives and the constant chase to meet deadlines tend to emphasize the tension we feel. The anxiety, anger and depression that is all too often associated with stress frequently leads to magnified symptoms that we already have. Massage therapy is a wonderful tool to help decrease the stress level but also significantly improve the body's ability to heal and repair after injury or trauma.

We have therapists who are trained in multiple techniques to best suit our patients needs. Some of these techniques include:

  • Swedish Therapies:

    • Pin and stretch

    • Deep tissue

    • Myofascial release

    • Linear friction

    • Tapotment

  • Modalities:

    • Craniosacral release

    • Spa therapy

    • Lommi Lomi

    • Cross fiber friction

    • Reflexology

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